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At Quadrature Consulting, we combine insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business. Our range of on-demand services is modular and built to give small- and medium-size organizations the flexibility and cost-effectiveness they need.

Giving a Presentation


First things first, we have to speak the same language. The Leveling Session for executives and staff presents the key Information Security and Privacy concepts in a business-friendly language.
This allows the assessment work to begin.


Nobody understands your organization better then you and your staff. During this step, with our guidance and support, the business goals and the current maturity level of your organization will be assessed.
The final product is a picture of the current Information Security and Privacy status, how they align with business goals and your industry competitiveness.

Business Meeting


Based on the business goals, the IS/Privacy Framework that best fits the organization goals will be identified.
We will guide the business through that decision, and will drive the development of formal Policies, Standards and Procedures.


This activity includes the inventory of information assets and the impact that confidentiality, integrity and availability issues could bring to the organization.
Based on the above, a gap analysis and Corrective Action Plans are developed.
The process starts with a detailed Training & Awareness program on the company Standards to ensure uniform understanding of rules and requirements.

Business Meeting
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A Cost Effective Approach to Continuous Coverage

You have your business to manage, but hiring a full time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or a Data Protection Officer (DPO) could be expensive.

The CISO/DPO On Demand™ is the cost-effective alternative we offer. The organization has full control over the  choice of On-Demand service that best meets its needs.

You may opt for the Review Cycle service that will follow up on the execution of Corrective Action Plans and assess changes to the IS/Privacy Maturity levels.

Another option is the Continuous Support service, which is an open line for questions that may optionally include on-location support. We also monitor changes to regulations that could affect your business.

Finally, in case a security/privacy incident takes place, the Incident Coverage service ensures support during such an event.

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